Catnip Whoopee Cushion

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Prank your cat with this funny pink Whoopee cushion toy. (Does not make sound.)

Approx. 4” pink toy screen printed with black non-toxic acrylic ink.

This super potent cat toy is made with 2 layers of wool felt, organic cotton stuffing and organic fine ground catnip, and a small cotton brand tag.

Each catnip whoopee cushion will look very much like the ones in the photos.

Every toy is one-of-a-kind and variations are to be expected as is the charming nature of a handmade product.

Every cat toy from The Punchy Cat is designed and handmade by me, Molly Freeman at my home studio in Iowa City, IA.

SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Do not leave a pet unsupervised when playing with any toy. No toy is indestructible and damaged toys should be discarded to prevent accidental ingestion. I claim no responsibility for misuse or neglect to follow safety precautions while using my products.